CMC SUPPLIES S5 T75 Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 750ml Trigger  Spray [2362]2.png

Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner Trigger Spray

Excellent cleaning performance for a wide range of shiny surfaces including metals, glass, mirrors and polished granite. Smear free finish. Gentle formulation will not damage delicate surfaces.

CMC SUPPLIES S16 T75 ADVANCED Surface Disinfectant Cleaner 750ml  Trigger[2363]2.png

 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Trigger   Spray

Powerful antibacterial and virucidal formulation. Cleans and disinfects surfaces leaving them hygienic and fresh. Proven to kill viruses and bacteria. Ready to use. Certified to EN1276, EN14476, EN13697 & EN165

CMC SUPPLIES S4 T75 Multipurpose Antibacterial Cleaner 750ml  Trigger Spray [2361]2.png

Multipurpose Anti-Bacterial Cleaner Trigger Spray

Excellent degreasing and dirt removal properties for everyday cleaning. Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, leaving them clean and fresh


Cabinet Glass Wash
5 litre


Powerful formulation for all types of glass washing machines. Effective and safe cleaning action for glassware.

pine disinfectant1.jpg

Pine Disinfectant
5 litre


Concentrated disinfectant for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Kills 99.99% bacteria* and leaves a fresh pine fragrance. Certified to EN1276

machine dishwash1.jpg

Machine Dishwash
5 litre


Machine dishwashing detergent cleans and disperses soil to allow free rinsing. Deep penetrating, low foam formulation.