rinse aid1.jpg

Rinse Aid
5 litre

Suitable for use in machine dishwashers and glass washing cabinets. Prevents the formation of scale during the rinse cycle and gives a spotless, sparkling finish.

thick bleach1.jpg

Thick Bleach
5 litre

High concentrate thickened bleach to help keep toilets, sinks and drains clear of bad odours and smells.

multipurpose cleaner1.jpg

Multipurpose Cleaner 5 litre

Excellent degreasing and dirt removal properties for everyday cleaning. Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, leaving them clean and fresh


Cabinet Glass Wash
5 litre


Powerful formulation for all types of glass washing machines. Effective and safe cleaning action for glassware.

pine disinfectant1.jpg

Pine Disinfectant
5 litre


Concentrated disinfectant for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Kills 99.99% bacteria* and leaves a fresh pine fragrance. Certified to EN1276

machine dishwash1.jpg

Machine Dishwash
5 litre


Machine dishwashing detergent cleans and disperses soil to allow free rinsing. Deep penetrating, low foam formulation.